Visiting Taiyuan

Tour to Taiyuan is a typically historical tour. This is in Taiyuan where one of the most cruel concetration camps in the world worked. About 80 years ago the Japanese imprisoned in Taiyuan over 100 thousands Chinese – soldiers and civilian, both. Unfortunatelly, only few survived the stay in the concentration camp.

What the most terrifying, most of the slams have starved to death. Part of them died because of extending diseases. The reality in Taiyuan Concentration camp may be compared to one of formar Nazi concentration camps in Poland – Auschwitz-Birkenau which is also very popular tourist destination.

People from all over the world keep visiting this place to learn the horrible war history and commemorate the victims. The brutality was was the order of the day. Rapes or using the slams as shooting targets became a rule. Also, they were conducting medical experiments in humans! All the worst that you can ony imagine happened in Taiyuan.

Amazing view over the city of Taiyuan
Amazing view over the city of Taiyuan

The concentration Camp was set up in 1928 and was working until the end of the Sino-Japanise war when Japan has capitulated. The saddest part of the story is that the place is not known widely and many people just have no idea such plces existed. That’s why more and more popular do The Camp tours are lastly. However the government of China has been very interested in the history lastly, due to what more and more often new monuments are placed in public places.

The tour includes also visiting to a Mao’s former residency located nearby the former concentration camp. The whole tour lasts about 6 hours and contains a professional tour guide and luch packet. The Southern Coast of China is a fantastic place to hang out, doing water sports and sunbathing on it’s sunny coast during Summer. However, places like Taiyuan are as well an absolute must.