Start an unforgetable adventure into the wildness of China with unmissable places like Ha Long, Dai Loan and many more! Only with Hoang Nam Travel you can visit the greatest places around the Southern coast of China. Outdoor festivals, colorful markets, inimitable sunrise and sunset over the South China Sea.

The Southern Coast of China in very populous region. This part of the country has been always the most outward-looking ones. Also It has been always the maingt trade centre and so it is today. There’s no place like the Southern China. Even across the rest of China you won’t find a place like this one – the region of the richest cities but dominated by super green rice fields. Long summers and mild winters make this region just a perfect place to han out.

What the most characterise region of Southern China is well developed commerce. No wonder since the location – by the sea has been always giving a lot of oportunities to Chine. This is Guangzhou – seaside city that for many centuries used to be and international port of China. Here a few must-visit places that yu better not miss: Honk Kong, Guilin, Macau, Hainan Island, Xiamen, Gualangyu and so on. Actually the whole coast is rich in beautiful beaches.

Another big advantage are great waves on the Southern Coast what makes the spot a perfect place for surfing or kitesurfing. People also keep coming here do dive – the underwater world of the Suth Coast of China is incredibly amazing and unquestionably worth-visiting. Even dangerous species of sharksdoesn’t scare tourists off who love the South China Sea’s walways warm waters. The mystical scenery of the region intrests people from all over the world making the place so popular.

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